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Brainwashing – How to Reprogram your Subconscious FAST!

Hey Everyone for the new readers I would like to welcome you to my blog , for the old readers welcome back!

As most of you know I have been on a 30day Mindset Detox for almost a month now and I can tell you this, the results are unbelievable.  I have literally turned my life around and kicked it into gear for the best optimal speed.  In this blog I wanted you to share a small gimlpse into something I have developed that really shifted my manifestations , visualizations into overdrive, before we get into that lets talk about a few interesting topics 1st to build up trust and knowledge on how this stuff works

Brainwashing – What is brainwashing?

In simplest forms brainwashing is a way by which one can clear there subconscious mind to a clean slate and then refilling the information with new data. Governments, Major Cooperations have all experimented with this as a way of control and gaining influence. You have to be living under a rock if you don’t believe or know this by now.

Brain Waves – There are many brain waves that are generated by the mind but primarily there are 4 major brain waves which are as follows:

  1. Beta Waves – This is the brain waves of the regular world we live in and our day to day life
  2. Alpha Waves – This is the semi conscious state one may enter considered the bridge between the conscious and subconscious often entered right before bed, in the shower, while high, etc. considered to be where creativity lies.
  3. Theta Waves – This state is considered meditation level, where one enters a relaxed state. Some say can be used for super learning, I am not sure if i agree
  4. Delta Waves – Subconscious State considered the level of sleep state deep subconscious.
  5. Gamma Waves- Used to kick your mind into overdrive and help with super processing. I’ll be honest I haven’t played with this much.

The State I use the most is Alpha I consider that my super learning level as Theta usually puts me to sleep and Gamma is the fast track to a migraine personally. Alpha Waves like stated before is the way to bridge the gap between the conscious and subconscious and by doing this thoughts can be stored into long term memory from it.

So why all this information? Simple. What if you could brain wash your mind into believing concepts and conditions that you normally couldn’t? What if you are tired of trying every method possible to believe you are worth something? Well I have developed 2 methods that I use daily along with a private / personal version I use on myself every morning to help program my mind into super learning and super absorption to attract wealth, love, health, happiness and goals.

Warning These Videos are Intense and may hurt the first few times they are watched not for the faint of heart or if you have epilepsy!

Attract Success Subconsciously

This video is best looked at twice to embed the commands into subconscious.

Attract Love Subconsciously

This video is best looked at twice also

The reason for the super fast slide show:

Simply put, its an Information Overload! if you bombard the senses with different images along with music (alpha waves) to help open up the subconscious mind you will notice that the Conscious mind will not be able to keep up, when this happens it shuts down or rather moves out of the way allowing the Subconscious to take command and reprogram you attract the images and lifestyle from those images so even though you think its not doing anything, it really is working just at a super fast rate! These videos DO NOT have any words in them because we its best used in joint with an audiobook (example Think and Grow Rich) or affrimations on things you want to bring into your life.

My Personal Results from this:

30 Minutes after creating and watching the success video I was given a random cheque that was unexpected income, my per week income doubled in just 1 week, I started meeting new people and making new business and personal connections. I swear by it!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this and please leave me a comment and tell me the changes you have noticed from using these videos,  I should also note that just using these videos work great but I have other ways and lifestyle techniques that can really give you a 180 on the way you view the world and what you bring into it shoot me an email or get in contact with me I offer private coaching for those that think its time for change!

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  4. Hello. Thanks for the positive message and tools. I found you on YouTube and on google. I would like to participate in the videos, but you have this one message that is not in alignment with true power — of hugh hefner this old dude with all these three young women. can you make a video that has positive images instead? it is important for guys to evolve too and women really don’t want to manifest that and neither of us want to continue putting that negative message of false love, youth and beauty objectification and fake masculinity into our subconscious. thanks man. we’ve had enough bad images.
    Tom Barb

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